Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Install Custom Java version in Linux

Read and understand :- http://www.oodlestechnologies.com/blogs/Install-Custom-Java-version-in-Linux

Hi folks, I have seen many a times that there is project requirement to use some old java version installation but as your system is already upgraded to the latest version you find it difficult to install it in one go. Most important, you don't need to worry about your default installation. So follow the below steps to install the required version of java in your system:

Change MySql ROOT password

Learn here :- http://www.oodlestechnologies.com/blogs/Change-MySql-ROOT-password

Hi.. If you ever forgot the MySQL root user password and can’t remember and wanna break, then you can reset the MySQL database password from the command line. But make sure you must know any of the user and password of the system you are on, this is for MySQL 5.7 onwards: have a look

Plantoid The Blockchain Powered Artificial Life Form

Visit :- http://www.oodlestechnologies.com/blogs/Plantoid-The-Blockchain-Powered-Artificial-Life-Form 

Plantoid is an artificial plant with a welded mechanical structure which is powered by blockchain and which feeds on bitcoin.