Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Bitcoin Paper Wallets Provide Protection Against Cyber Attacks?

Paper Wallets For Bitcoin Storage
There are dozens of decentralized wallet apps available over the internet that let you store Bitcoins. All these digital wallets claim to provide top-notch security to Bitcoin transactions and the stored BTC amount which they actually do. But being a digital entity, you just can’t deny the possibility of a cyber attack no matter how trivial it is. Alas, there have been plenty of malicious activities and hacking attempts in the past that it raised some serious security concern regarding the storage of BTC.

There’s no denying that the digital entities are more prone to cyber attacks. So there’s always some risk involved when it comes to storing your valuable assets in a digital entity. But there has to be another way to store your Bitcoins safely instead of storing these on Bitcoin wallets. Actually, there is!

Introducing Paper Wallet
Paper Wallet. You might have come across this term several times but you don’t exactly know what that is. Perhaps, this blog might help you with that.

In a nutshell, a paper wallet is physical and offline way of storing Bitcoins. By creating a paper wallet, what you’re doing is, “printing your private keys and bitcoin addresses on a paper.” Seeing it this way, a paper wallet is a document containing copies of your public and private keys which makes up your physical wallet called paper wallet. All these paper wallets also contain printed QR codes. You can scan this QR code to feed the keys into a virtual wallet to make transactions on the go.


Blockchain Development Solutions

The advent of Blockchain has brought a new financial revolution in the world of digital remittances. Primarily used for storing and facilitating transactions in cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is a publically shared distributed ledger that stores information in a decentralized way, forming a Peer-to-Peer network. Blockchain stores information in a series of blocks that are electronically linked to form an extensive database. The data once stored on blockchain can never be deleted or modified. This makes it an impregnable digital ledger as it creates a permanent and tamper-proof record of stored information that can’t be altered at any point of time.

While blockchain was initially built to be used in the cryptocurrency domain, the highly versatile nature of Blockchain has led to the change in picture. Turns out that blockchain can be effectively used in a large number of applications even outside the cryptocurrency landscape. Some existing use cases of Blockchain include Digital Identity, eVoting, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Asset Management, Distributed Cloud Storage and Smart Contracts.

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The team of Blockchain Developers working with us is highly proficient in building high-octane Blockchain based applications with high uptime, intuitive UI and less complexities.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Issues between testers and developers.

Issues between testers and developers and the key point for healthy relationship between them

Understanding is the core thing for building good relationships. When it comes to testers and developers it becomes more interesting and important. All the members associated with software development have their own place in the team.
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How Seed Phrase Helps You Restore Your Hardware Bitcoin Wallet?

Seed Phrase
Owing to the increasing security concerns pertaining to the use of Bitcoin, people are now running after the hardware wallets. Hardware Wallets provide secure means to store your Bitcoins in a physical medium. A hardware wallet is a miniature device which may or may not have a USB plug and it stores the user’s private keys in cold storage. The private keys are stored in a small microcontroller embedded inside the device in such a way that the keys can’t be accessed by any other device, neither can they be transferred or stolen. In this way, a hardware wallet adds an extra layer of protection to the private keys and helps keep your Bitcoins safe and secure. In addition to that, it also prevents your bitcoins against all kinds of malware threats looming around the internet.
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The AI Telescope of NASA Makes A Breakthrough In Planet Hunting

The AI Telescope of NASA Makes A Breakthrough In Planet Hunting
The Kepler telescope deployed by NASA has reportedly made a big discovery in planet hunting. However, the news hasn’t been disclosed to anyone and is kept confidential even within the organization. NASA is holding a huge press conference to reveal the latest finding of the AI powered telescope most probably by the coming Thursday.

The Kepler telescope was launched in 2009 and since then, it has helped in making many crucial discoveries. The sole aim to deploy this telescope was to look for the planets that might support life. Many exoplanets have been discovered by this telescope which uses Machine Learning algorithms powered by Google to demonstrate new ways of analysing Kepler data. Although no significant announcements have been made by NASA so far, it must be related to discovery of a new exoplanet. The actual findings will only be revealed in the press conference.

What Are Exoplanets?
An extrasolar planet or simply exoplanet is a planet that has its own solar system and revolves around its own star. These are the Earth-like celestial bodies located millions of light years away. According to scientists, these planets are our best hope of finding alien life far from Earth. The first exoplanet was discovered in 1992 and as of 2017, more than 3700 extrasolar planets have been discovered. Out of these, more than 2000 exoplanets have been detected by the Kepler telescope. Now with the latest discovery, NASA is all set to take the whole world by storm.

Machine Learning Has A Crucial Role To Play
NASA reveals that Google’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has a played a significant role in the latest discovery made by the space agency. The data sent down by the telescope is directly being analysed by the AI systems powered by Google at the NASA headquarters. As revealed by the space agency, it has previously helped in the discovery of many exoplanets and as the Machine Learning is getting smarter

Blockchain Development Service Providers

The blockchain is a distributed database and a public ledger that records all the bitcoin transactions. It is a decentralized ledger technology that records information securely across peer to peer network. Initially, blockchain was devised for cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. However, its potential goes far beyond cryptocurrencies. As it is evident that Blockchain can be used to transfer any data. And, blockchain makes use of cryptography to keep the records secure. At its core, Blockchain is a chain of electronically linked blocks that cryptographically form an extensive database.

With the rise of many cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is making a huge impact in the world of exchange platforms development. Besides this, bitcoin exchanges refer to the websites that handle the trading of bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin. The blockchain is being considered to be the fastest growing digital technologies and digital evolutions for 2018 and beyond; it has a key role in the digital transformation of several processes and industries.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How To Enable Closed Captioning On Roku

How To Enable Closed Captioning On Roku
The closed captioning (CC) feature on Roku displays the text on screen for the spoken elements, background noises or sound effects in a movie or TV show. These captions basically provide subtitles for everything you see on screen. The feature provides an important means of entertainment for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is also useful in understanding the dialogues of a movie or TV show in case they sound is not clear or the dialogues are difficult to understand.

The closed captions can be turned off or on even during the playback. However, the feature is not available on all the Roku channels. It is solely dependent on whether the service provider is including them or not. So you must check the availability of closed captions with your service provider. In this blog, we’ll provide important information on how you can turn on or off the closed captions on Roku.

Enabling Closed Captions On Roku
Closed Captions on Roku channels won’t show up unless you have enabled the closed captioning feature on Roku. For most of the channels, you can activate closed captioning from your Roku device settings. To enable this setting, follow the below given steps.

  • Go to the Home Screen of your Roku by pressing the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
  • Go to Settings by scrolling up or down.
  • Go to Accessibility settings. If Accessibility is not listed, select Captions.
  • Select Caption Mode and take the appropriate action.

If you turn ‘on’ the Captions, they will always appear whenever you play something on a channel that offers closed captioning. If you turn it off, the captions will never appear. You can also select On Replay which would display the captions only when you press the Replay button on your Roku TV remote. You can also select the When Mute option. Doing that would show the captions only when the volume is muted. However, the last option is only available in select Roku devices.